Freqently Asked Questions

Got queries about trading? Or transactions? Get answers to all your questions about Wimo in one place!

1. About Wimo

What is Wimo?

How is Wimo discovery of truth platform?

Is there any research backing pricing to discover truth?

2. Events

What are real-world events?

What are the different types of events allowed on the platform?

Are the events listed by Wimo or by users?

Which type of events are not allowed on Wimo platform?

3. Event details

What does Total Volume and Total Trade indicate?

What information does the about section contain?

What is the source of resolution?

What does the market trend on the event details screen indicate?

What are the terms of settlement displayed on the event details page?

4. Trade

What is the practice mode on Wimo?

What is a position and are all positions matched?

How much can I invest in a trade?

How do I earn profits by taking a position on the events?

I made a mistake, can I update/cancel my positions?

5. Event Settlement

When does an event get settled?

Why does Wimo need time to settle an event after it expires?

How much do I win for every correct position?

What if my positions never matched and the event gets closed?

What if the event got settled incorrectly?

6. Trust and Safety

How secure is taking a position on Wimo?

How does Wimo protect my money?

What is my exposure on Wimo events?

7. Accounts

What if I don’t receive the OTP to login to the account?

Can I change my personal details from the app?

Is KYC mandatory to take a position on events?

8. Payments

What is the minimum and maximum amount allowed to charge my wallet?

How long does it take for the added cash to reflect in my account?

What are the allowed payment modes?

What if the amount gets debited from my account but doesn’t reflect in my Wimo wallet?

9. Withdrawal

Can I withdraw my entire wallet balance?

How can I withdraw money from my account?

When will I receive the withdrawn amount?

What if the withdrawal amount is not credited to my account?

I made a mistake, can I update/cancel my positions?

Will I be charged for withdrawing money?

Is there a minimum and maximum limit on withdrawing amount?

10. Referral

How can I refer friends?

What are the benefits of referring your friend?

Is there any limit on how much I can refer?