About Wimo

Wimo platform harnesses the collective wisdom of the crowd to demystify the real-world events.
Users of the Wimo platform use their skills to analyze events and share their opinions on the event outcomes.
Users earn when their opinions of YES or NO matches the event outcomes.

What is Wimo?

Wimo is a trusted opinion trading platform that harnesses the collective wisdom of the crowd to demystify the real-world events that matter to you.
Wimo is a discovery of truth platform where users can use their skill and knowledge to determine outcomes of events with a simple YES or NO.

How is Wimo discovery of truth platform?

Just like in other marketplaces, users of Wimo would have different opinions YES / NO on the outcome of real-world events happening close to them.
Wimo harnesses the variances in these opinions into trading opportunities. Wimo users would analyze trends, set a price (probability) for their opinions and trade on their opinions with other users on the platform. As facts change, people’s opinion and their probabilities change too.
Price of YES and NO at any moment reflects the opinion of the crowd. As they say, in a market place, Price is truth. True price is established only when two users of Wimo match their trade.

Is there any research backing pricing to discover truth?

Yes here are some of the articles from renowned sources where prediction markets have been successful at discovering truth for variety of use cases – Prediction market and Predictions and Not Preferences.
Simply put, pricing ensures that users take opinions on real-world events with a skin in the game and learn about event outcomes with collective wisdom of crowd.

Why Wimo?

We all are good at detecting patterns. Consciously or subconsciously, we tend to analyze events and form opinions about events happening around us. The process of pattern recognition involves matching the new information received with the information we already know of. Recognizing patterns allows us to predict and expect what is coming.
In Wimo, participants can trade their opinions of a future event. Thus, Wimo is a platform to harness these differences, benchmark them against truth and learn from the wisdom of the crowds.

How to form an opinion on Wimo?

Forming an opinion on Wimo platform is a lot easier than solving a Rubik’s cube. You simply have to follow these steps:
 1. Choose any event of your choice and form an opinion.
 2. Set your price and buy with either YES or NO.
 3. Once you take a position, await the outcome of the event and Earn!

Why should I choose Wimo?

Wimo believes that your opinion matters, especially when it is supported by observations and facts. Wimo allows you to analyze the events, assess the merits, and then form an opinion based on logic and conviction.
Wimo encourages users to express their valuable opinions and turn them into winnings on a platform that is safe, secure and trusted.
On Wimo, you learn about the truth of events from the collective wisdom of users on the platform.

How can I be successful on Wimo?

You will be successful on Wimo when your opinions match the event outcomes. For you to be right, you need to have -
 1. Knowledge of the event
 2. General understanding of the category of the event
 3. Should be able to factor in the current and future trends
 4. Should be able to perform meaningful research on the topic
All the above would ensure you are equipped with the knowledge required to form the right opinions.