What are events on Wimo?

(1) Events listed on Wimo cover topics such as economics, sports, current affairs and more.

(2) Wimo events are more intuitive and relatable. You can take positions on events outcomes with a YES or NO.

(3) Event outcomes are time bound and expire on the date of the event. You earn for every correct position.

(4) Only events that require you to have knowledge or skill are available for you to take positions on.

What should I do on Wimo?


Choose an event and take a position

You select your favorite event on Wimo, analyze the event and Buy YES or NO at a price of your choice.

Wimo matches your position

Wimo matches your opinion with opposing opinions. This is how you start trading your opinions on Wimo.

Sell your positions, exit early

Are your opinions trending above your buying price? Then Sell your positions and earn profits.

Await event outcome and Earn!

As the event outcome is declared, Wimo settles your positions. You earn for every correct position you hold.

Features that improve your experience

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Pin Events

Not sure about the event outcome right away? Pin it! Analyze the event and trade on it later.
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Investment Portfolio

Information about your positions helps you analyze your investments, view trends and make informed decisions.
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Cancel and Update

Cancel your trades and reinvest the funds on other events. Better yet, update your opinions to match opposing opinions.
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Customer Support

We got your backs! Read our FAQs to answer your queries about Wimo. Still got questions? Chat with us!

Our latest release

Exit early, sell your opinions with profits!

You can also sell your trades and earn profits before the event outcome. No commission is charged on the profits you earn when you exit.


A few more questions

open iconWhat is a position and are all positions accepted?
Your position for an event is dependent on your opinion (YES/NO) and the quantity of positions you buy. As Wimo is an exchange where you trade opinions with opposing views of other users, your positions may NOT even find a match.
close iconWhat do the YES/NO prices mean?
The YES/NO prices that are displayed for an event are the prices at which users purchase an opinion to get matched with another buyer. The price of a YES contract is the price you could pay to get matched with a pre-existing No opinion.
close iconHow much can I invest on an event?
The maximum value of any individual YES/NO position is ₹ 9.5 and minimum value is ₹ 0.5. Your total profit from a single trade will be dependent on the number of positions purchased in that trade. If you buy 100 YES opinions at a price of ₹ 0.50, and the event resolves at YES, then you gain ₹ 950 (Your winnings are ₹ 10 * 100 and investment is ₹ 0.5 * 100)
close iconAre there any limits that I should be aware of?
There is a limit of 1000 positions that you can buy per event. You can invest a maximum of ₹ 25,000 across all live events.

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